Freedom vs safety

What if someone wants to make something bad and I have a chance and opportunity to stop him. Is free will and free choice of that person more important than doing evil? Conscience can be weakened but it can be healed. I believe that free choice of an alcoholic isn’t really free. I do not think that giving alcohol to an alcoholic in order to obey his wish and freedom is a good thing. if an alcoholic asks me to give him money and I know that he will use it for the purpose of buying alcohol then I should not give him any money. his free choice is not really free. If I give him the money it will be against my principles of morality nevertheless it will be in accordance with the principle of free choice. isn’t it better to listen to one’s conscience rather than seeing someone’s life destroyed? I believe that we have words not to describe things that are but to prescribe things that should be. I think that communication can be understood absolutely as opposed to experience which is not absolutely transmittable. we should use words to show others what their conscience is telling them or rather what they do not want to hear. if I see an obese man eating too much I should always be prepared to talk to him. I should be ready to stop him from doing that. it is very similar as with psychiatry patients. they are prone to hurt themselves or others and that is why they might be locked. free choice of these people is not really free. Freedom of course should be one of the most important things of mankind but freedom is still subordinate to morality. Morality is not just an opinion it is a fact. it is something which distinguishes us from animals. If it is in accordance with my conscience it is moral to stop someone from eating too much in other words from killing himself. I should be ready to not let someone eat too much similarly as I do not let asylum inmates to hurt themselves.


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