Are women minority?

Woman are not very likely worse drivers than man – at least not inherently. They have been told they are and that is very likely the reason why they might actually be worse drivers. This statement shows the fact, that what we receive, what we are told is much more imporant than what is given genetically, inherently. This parallel can also be applied when dealing with the issue of race – although there is a biological difference between “races” eg. color of skin, physiological constitution (black people are predominantly physically larger and stronger than white– seen for example among bodybuilding champions). What is given is not as important as what we receive via education and societal relationships. Seeing woman as weaker is man´s viewing of the world – strenght for men is very imporant and thus men apply it also to woman. If the world was ruled by woman, empathy and sensitivity would be seen as a merit, and physical strenght would not be seen as any great advantage. Some women want to look strong, because strength is valuable in men´s world, if it was women´s world, empathy would be seen as valuable. Such striving weakens real women´s perception of what is important – showing that not empathy, but to look like men want women to look. This also corresponds very much with the objectification of women as men´s gadget. Woman beauty today is very much adored, but I am afraid that even women conform to this notion of being beautiful, but not in their own way, but in the way man like it – to be attractive for man, consequently as a tool for men´s pleasure. Some women tend to forget their beauty and rather look as men want them to look, because in today´s world man´s word is much more powerful, thus these women lose their real inner sense of what is good for them and rather conform to the mainstream viewing of women beauty.


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