Community vs ghetteo

When thinking about how to admit more Roma people into Czech school system, one has to admit that communities exist and will not be easily broken. On the other hand, is there a problem with communities? It is natural for people to gather in a certain community. Probably everyone tries to find his or hers own community, group of people with similar interest. Human as a social being usually has the need to be in a community. The problem arises when there is no more a community with healthy inner ties and relationships not only within the community but also with the outer world. When there is a community based on a certain idea or interest, there is not a problem – if the community is respected and respects people from outer surrounding. Once the community sees itself as better than people from outside, or vica versa, when the community is seen as inferior by the people from outside, there is no more a healthy self sufficient gathering of people willing to admit people from outside or voluntarily let go people from inside. Now the community is a ghetto. One of such instances are race-based communites. Either for example black communites as in America or Roma communites (ghettos) in Czech republic. Both are based on the inherent differences of races, which is entirely faulty concept. It would be much wiser to stop evaluating anyone on the basis of race, because such evaluation only strenghtens the difference between people and the presumed inherent difference between races which is in reality only socio-cultural issue which can be modified (through education for example, because Roma people lack very often higher education). The difference between “races” is not rigid, as sometimes people in the community would like to believe, but more often the outer world wants and sometimes needs to believe – slave owners in order to keep Afroamericans inferior and docile and to vindicate their harsh treatment of black people.


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