Jail. punishment or help

Locking Someone behind the bars can be seen as both beneficial and detrimental. On one hand locking someone in doesn’t mean that you change him. Jail should be seen as a help not as a punishment. Person in a jail should think about what he or she did and understand why it is wrong. Jail shouldn’t be seen as a stigma that someone is bad but that someone changed to another better person. Problem with restriction principle is that it is rather difficult to change someone from outside eg with jail but it is much more important to change people from inside eg to change the cause and purpose why they do wrong immoral deeds. People who commit a crime should be helped in the jail and not be stigmatized. I believe that everyone is capable of being good. I believe that everyone can understand why it is better to be good rather than do wrong usually easy pleasurable things. What is easy and pleasurable might not be a crime but is very often wrong for oneself. people have voice box which animal do not. I think that this voice box is not here for describing things but for prescribing things, eg what one should do. That is why we have words, so let us use them. We have the ability of doing when we see something wrong and we have the ability of speaking when something is wrong and we cannot change it with our deeds.


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