Minorities within states and nations

What happens when a minority starts to gain influence within a larger community or a state or a nation? When a minority group immigrates into a foreign state, the usual way is to create a community where these minority people gather. This is unfortunate but natural, one usually seeks sameness-group with same attributes, be it social (status) or racial/national. Social attributes are those which can be changed. One can transfer from one group into another, these communities are in my point of view natural, problem arises when one sees and seeks a community as a rigid unchangeable system – based on nationality or a color – in other words on inherent difference. This is usually the case with migrants – be it turks in Germany, Vietnamese in Czech Republic, or large Muslim communiteis in the suburbs of Paris. The greatest problem is in my view education. No more than 30 percent of Turks in Germany finish high school education. Majority of Turks work in menial jobs and Kebab-restaurants. This would not be a problem, but is this separation voluntary or not? Do they want to assimilate into the country which accepted and adopted them or do they want to retain they lifestyle which is very often not on good terms with the culture and style of the majority people? The country which accepts people into its land should welcome them in order to create a plural and multicultural society, but the immigrants should always be prepared to give up the customs not used or even despised in the (usually more civilised) country which accepts them – most notably the radical branch of sharia law which is still common in some Arab countires. Should we welcome immigrants as those who should partake on our inheritance or should we guard it against them? On one hand the migrants need a shelter from the richer culture, but on the other how can the dominant culture ensure that it stays so, in other words that it can guard itself against the minority which might grow into majority? Maybe this was the fear that white Americans had against black community. Considering the immigrant crisis, one sees the dichotomy between accepting them – inviting them and sharing our inheritance with them vs. not letting them in, claiming that what I have is my own and there is not a reason for giving it to others for free. In America, whites were never to accept black people and suddenly in the 20th century there was a great, maybe too radical a change, as even some black leaders claimed. I think that the most important thing is to see everybody not as a cultural object, but as an individulity which has inaliable rights-the same should be viewed by the coming,immigrant culture. The incoming people should always know that they will be sheltered when in need, but the right to individual freedom should always be kept, notwithstanding religion, gender or color of skin.


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