Review of Martin Luther King

Having seen the performance of M.L. King by the TNT Theatre Britain, I can´t but applause to the five actors (of which there were four Afroamerican). The play covered some of the most important events in the civil right movement, begining with Rosa Park and the boycott, going through Martin Luther King´s speech I have a dream and ending with his death. In no more than two hourse it is possible to convey the message of the movement. In the play, there was also very nicely compared the attitude towards the non-violent King´s approach – loving your enemies, and the more radical approach. The hypothetical question is whether there would be any great and swift advancement without violence. One may even conjecture that if dr. King would not have been murdered, there would not have been such a mediality and thus the leaders and politicans would not get so much involved. This is not to say that violence is a better tool than non- violence, but it is important to think in both ways – mixing both approaches was very vividly shown in the play.

One thing I did not like was stereotyping the white sheriff as a primitive brute. I understand that when there is a deficienty of respect on one side, there is a need to compensate it by showing the other party worse than it really is – by this I do not mean to vindicate the deeds of whites towards black people but I would like emphasisze that many who were portrayed as enemies (for example police) were not given a choice and although that white policemen could have a different opinion about segregation than leading politicans, they had to folow the order and be harsh towards black people who did not listen to the orders.


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