The power of a teacher

Having seen the document PBS Frontline, it is quite obvious how enormous power the teacher wields in his or hers hands. When one considers the amount of time that children at school spend with their teacher, it is terribly important that the parents should be as much conversant with what is happening in the class, as possible. In the document it was very vividly shown that when teacher teaches the children untrue – for example his of hers own myopic view about the world, children accept it and apply those views themselves. What is most importatnt – children adapt these (be it false or true views about others) even after only one such session – as was seen in the documentary. What strikes me as the most toppical issue is the fact, that the blue/brown eyed children were not better/worse than the other group, but that it was enough to talk about them as better/worse and the other group immediately believed it – this was seen on the results of their tests – when the teacher talked positively about the group – the groups had better results then the same groups when being told to be stupid and inferior. I think that this is the case with children from special schools. Many of them would not be there if they were given a chance and were motivated by parents, teacher, surrounding. Some children just need to be more cared for and require more time spent with the teacher, before he or she reaches result same, or even better than the other, average students.


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