Acts in words

Words are the medium,that changes the nature of man. Experience is irrelevant when dealing with words that are meant to improve the condition of morality. Act can be either good or bad-better or worse. Getting better with experience,good example in others and mimicry,getting worse(bad) with choice. There is not better or worse when one is intentionally bad. This can be changed only via words-Explaining why is something bad. How can we learn that something is wrong? I believe that experience nothwithstanding,one always feels what is good(not for him),or easy,or pleasurable,but not good. This does not say that doing good things encompasses displeasure,but it has to be said,that doing good is usually more demanding than doing easy,pleasurable(often bad) things. Experience should not change us,humen should change IT.-world. The transformation of things from bad to good goes from one’s inner,does not come in throught experience,the behaviourist model would count people as learning animals,but the difference in humen and animal is in this spiritual asset(that goes together with another-biological asset-voice box,which distinguishes us physically from other living beings-a proof that words,which are for humans only can change the spiritual asset-soul). In othet words,one does not need experience to know what is good and bad,experience is necessary for improving already good situation.


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