Bread and games

The allusion is of course to the ancient roman society. The emperor knew very well what people want and desire to be meek and thus docile. When people satisfy their primitive physiological basic needs , they do not strive for more important and meaningful aims. If the ruler keeps the satisfaction of people to the highest possible level he can be sure that there will be no uprising because uprising stems from the mass discontent. Civil disobedience is powerful only within mass. As long as there is no mass but only a diaspora of free thinkers the one who wields power in his or her hands can be quite safe. This is the reason why basic things are usually cheap. take for example the proverbial bread and wine. The alcohol consumption in Czech Republic is one of the highest in the world. Beer is the cheapest beverage in most restaurants. As long as the drinkers are provided with cheap dose of the drug they will be obedient. As long as people have enough food they will be obedient. As long as people have enough games they will be obedient. As long as the ruler maintain this situation the society will listen to him. One should never be content with the basic needs. One should be striving for more and more. This does not mean that one should want to gain more and more. quite the opposite.  it is necessary to use the world resources to make the world better not to gain as much as possible just for my pleasure. If one is content with pleasure of eating drinking and playing the consequence for him is detrimental. It can never lead and fulfill a meaningful life.


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