Difficulties of easiness

Society today rejects old age and suffering as something bad . I think that suffering should be seen as a way a making life better. What is easily received is usually nothing that that can be really valued. If people perceived suffering as something which makes them better then they would not try so much to avoid it. I do not say that making life easier is inherently bad for mankind but the time which was formerly spent in doing work that now is done by machines should be used not for leisure time but for improving conditions of mankind. the time saved thanks to machines is not often spent reasonably. People use it very often for doing bad things. This does not mean that we should return to the age when everything was done by humans,but it is better to do the kind of work which was done by machine then doing bad things . It is important to understand that the amount of time we now have it thanks to other people’s invention and investment of energy. This makes us responsible for using that time reasonably eg not for ourself but for doing good.


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