Is it morally acceptable to eat meat? I do not want to sound dogmatic but I would like to present a few reasons why eating meat isn’t beneficial either morally or physically. First reason is moral. I believe that about 90% of population in my country should not eat meat because they don’t need it. Not many people work physically and thus do not need to be physically strong. To feed an animal takes up to 10  times more of resources mainly water then plant nutrition . It seems to me thar eating meat just for my pleasure for the taste of it rather than eating plant food which is almost equal considering nutrition values is really stupid and immoral. It is literally killing for fun. I understand the group of people that really need to eat meat for example professional athletes eg bodybuilders or physically hard working people. Another reason is that animals are very often kept in very bad conditions the pigs are in very small pigsties and chickens in very small cages. Eating meat brings the risk of high cholesterol and other illnesses. the meat of animals also contains very often steroids antibiotics and other drugs. Eating meat is from my point of view morally and physically acceptable only for those people who really need it and the animals which are eating should be kept in good conditions of breeding or free.


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