Which is true religion?

I am a believer. I am a Catholic. Why is there such a humbug about religion? I am happily willing to give up my Catholic faith if someone with too radical view gives up his. I am happy to give up anything you want or do anything you want if you stop doing bad thinga. I do not need to need to cling to my religion. all I need is faith in goodness. faith in life and life in faith. I do not believe with that everyone should be Catholic or Christian and I am willing to give up my religion but I will never give up faith in good. if someone is a good Buddhist Muslim atheist or anything you want then he is Christian in my view. Being good is the only religion that there can be. let us stop arguing about religion ,which is the true one, let us deny anything which is bad ,let us get rid of any religion of any prophet of anything and anybody and just let us be good .we all have been given morality. you do not need experience to know what is good. Experience shows us what happens in the world but it doesn’t transform us,we should transform IT. We should make the world a better place for living. We should give up anything and everything that is not necessary. the only thing necessary was already within us when we were ever born. It is our soul. we all have free choice to do what is right or to do what is wrong. We all know it. Morality and discussion about morality isn’t an opinion, it is discovering not inventing. You are not learning anything new but you are revealing what you already know. It is always necessary to understand what is necessary . we have to learn the the amount of food we need the amount of information we need the amount of anything we truly need as opposed to what we selfishly want.


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