If you do good then do smoke,but if you do not and make a compromise (a little damage to my body will bring me a pleasure) then you are not doing a good thing. I do not want to sound too dogmatic but I haven’t met anybody who would do any good by smoking. This nasty habit is nothing else then the stupidity on the part of the smoker. Unfortunately most people start smoking in their teens because of peer pressure. today’s young generation miss good examples. Symbols of today are celebrities who are very good in a certain area, singers,actors, sportsmen but the problem arises when they start commenting on issues usually very topical issues and do not have enough knowledge about such issues. Today’s celebrities which are adored usually smoke , drink ,have a lot of women do not respect authorities and usually present a typical consumer. Most of these things which were formerly considered bad and repugnant are today adored and presented as good and beneficial for humans. I very strongly and deeply believe that people are capable of doing the right things. I believe that when someone sees someone else doing a bad thing to himself or to others, one shouldn’t be just a passive receiver but should also activity and critically think about what he sees and what he should do. It is very difficult for young people to refrain from doing bad things because they see doing bad things all around them and what is worst , the society  tells young people that doing evil is actually good for them. We need good examples. we need prototypes which can show us what is good and what is bad. I believe that we all have souls, that is we are inherently different from animals and we already know what is right and what is wrong. I believe that we all have a choice. I know that the young people have difficulties with distinguishing good and evil. Easy pleasurable from demanding and things that have an intrinsic value. But we all have a choice to do you good or evil as our conscience tells us


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