Stereotyping Titanic

The musical Titanic contains a song where the passengers of the lower class sing about their dreams when coming to America. It immediately came to my mind that their dreams were highly stereotypical of women and men of that time.the women dreamt about being waitresses, tailors and maidens. whereas their male counterparts dreamt about being engineers, architects and shop owners. Such stereotyping strengthens the usually low position of women in our society. It is assuring people, the viewers about what they already think is correct. What if the dreams of men were dreams of women?. if man dreamt about being taylors or a servants or waiters and women about being an architect, shop owner or engineer it would ring a bell. but why should it? it isn’t natural for women to be waitresses and it isn’t natural for men to be architects. This all depends on choice.and obviously the choice today is in favor of men


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