Can killing be justified?

Charlie Chaplin in his humanity speech bade the soldiers not to fight for lords but to fight for democracy. I believe that he didn’t mean killing. I believe that what he meant is that by killing no good can be done. When he incited the will to fight,he at the same time abhored killing.when killing anybody,the killer takes up a roll of God. When I kill somebody I claim that I know more and better what to do with his life. I play God. This is of course ludicrous. If a gunman a policeman shots at somebody he should never be willing to shoot at anybody in order to kill him. If the target dies as a consequence of the shooting it is no fault of the policeman if his intention was only to stop terrorism, for example. Killing anybody is a bad thing. There cannot be an intention to kill anybody and do good. If I kill a terrorist who I believe has a bomb, then I again play God. I can only stop doing evil, that means to stop the terrorist but I cannot stop evil by doing evil- killing the terrorist. I still must have hope that everyone can change heart. I think that everything can be done in two ways, good and bad but I cannot think of any situation when killing would be justified. I cannot be sure that the terrorists would really kill. One should rather be killed,because it would be morally better choice than doing the evil of killing the other-be it even a terrorist-i can never know if he would change his mind. by killing him i would deprive the terrorist of the chance to be better-make the choice of being a better person-and for this it is justified to die-even by the hand of whom i give the chance to be better in the future.


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