Dilemma of giving or not giving

Everyone should follow his own conscience. With experience humans gather knowledge how to do things better. There are two ways of doing things eg good and evil. if I do good then my goodness grows with experience. If for example I give money to a homeless not in order to get rid of him but Because I believe it will make his day than I do good. If someone tells me that the homeless buys alcohol then I may change my attitude and try to persuade the homeless to enter a healing program. Things which I’m doing should always be good. I can change my attitude but I always must believe that I’m doing the right thing. I can always distinguish between good and evil . if I do evil than it is just evil. If I do good then I can change my attitude but it always reminds good. we have words to think and debate about what is better and what is worse, but these are opinions that can vary. they are always meant to do good. With new experiences and experience my good opinion can happen to elevate. this isn’t important. What is essential and crucial is that I should always make the choice to do good as opposed to do evil. Someone may claim that giving people a to homeless people is bad but it depends. It’s a matter of opinion. If I give money to a homeless and I believe I’m acting according to my moral maxim then I’m doing good. If I do not give money but i buy food because I believe that giving money is not beneficial for them then I do good. If I do not give money but try to do good another way than I’m doing good. If someone gives money and believes that everyone has a free will and the homeless can buy alcohol then he is doing the right thing


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