Who is the best?

Everyone is in a way exceptional and unique. What is unique about humans is given. What is given cannot be given any credit. I should never be praised or discriminated because of what I got. this result in making differences between black and white. what matters is choice.am I a good or a bad person? Our Only uniqueness is that no one is unique. any piece of art or music could have been done by two people at the same time technically. No one is exceptional and we have to accept it. By accepting that I am NOT any better or worse then another human I do good. Everyone can be substituted . every record will sooner or later be overcome. No one is exceptional and we have to accept it. My unique DNA won’t make me a better person but making the right thing will. Trying to be best will result in disappointment. Trying to be good will always result in happiness. I shouldn’t try to be the best because I will never be but I should strive to be good because that I can always be.


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