Who is substitutable?

No one is exceptional and thus substitutable. Thanks to this we do not need to strive to be the best in anything and everything. thinking about this fact from the ego point of view one gets very sad. Thinking about it from the humanity point of view one can get very happy. We do not have to live according the laws of the jungle. We do not need to be the best the strongest to conquer all the others. We can save the week and infirm instead of getting rid of them because of their weakness. If i were exceptional, what would be the purpose of it? No one would understand me. every piece of music,art or anything could have been created by more than one person. People need to share their lives. Exceptionality would ban me from sharing. our only exceptionality is in accepting that we are not exceptional yet we are not substitutable in the spiritual sense .every life is worth living. Everyone is more or less substitutable yet we do not need to worry about it. What matters is not what I do but how I do it. If what I do i do with the purpose of doing good then I am NOT substitutable. There is not final position or occupation which I should do. everything I do should be done with clear conscience and with the best intentions


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