Human conscience

Being human means to have potential for doing good. Animals do not have conscience. they act according to their instincts. Humans on the other hand do have conscience and are capable of doing things either good or bad. If a human seeks only to satisfy his basic instinctive needs it is bad. if I satisfy my physiological needs in order to do good,to have the strength and energy, I do good . if humans didn’t have conscience they would be only more intelligent animals- different from animals not in quality but in quantity. If someone believes that a psychopath capable of killing without remorse does not have conscience he basically says that these people are worse than animals, that they are archetypes of evil and not worthy of living. It is necessary to believe that everyone is capable of improving ones life. I cannot say what one should do in life but I stand out strongly against what I believe is wrong. People do in life many activities. how can I be sure if some are better or worse for them and I believe that one recognizes what is bad and what is good. I believe that one is capable of not compromising evil and of doing the right thing under any conditions. To compromise evil means to do little bad things because I believe that I will compensate those little bad things with greater good. this approach is pernicious. The line between good and evil gets more and more blurred. When not wanting to compromise evil and not wanting to relativize everything one also do bad things but knows that they’re not right and the next time he should do better. If I found myself in a dilemma of acquiring large sum of money through little bride in order to use the money for charity I wouldn’t do even thar little evil because there is no little evil. There is either evil or good, nothing between.even though the consequences of my little evil would be a great good, my conscience wouldn’t be clean.


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