Meaning of life

Is there anything more difficult than trying to grasp the meaning of life? I would like to start a bit paradoxically. I believe that meaning of life is a good death .by saying this I don’t mean that one should die immediately for what one believes is right but one should be willing to give up his life in order to retain clean conscience. I think there is nothing more virtuous then to sacrifice the highest price for what I believe is right. Justice, freedom, humanity,peace, just listen to your heart and you should know what is the right thing to do. I really do not want to sound too radical or nihilistic, but we dwell on life too much. Live in itself has no value if I am not ready to give it up for good thing. Death being the remotest thing yet still possible. If we live in order to live then we behave like animals. their aim is reproduction. Our aim can be anything


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