Reproduction x gratification

When debating with my peers I very often get into the debate about  the sex-after-marriage question. It is usually very difficult for me to talk about this topic with people I care about. it is much more difficult to convince them that they can do better than just satisfy their physiological needs. Reproduction is the easiest activity that living being is capable of. why the easiest should be seen as worthy of appraisal? human sexuality is not given to us primarily for the sake of reproduction. It is a sign of love. I believe that performing sexual activities in order to reproduce is equally bad as performing sexual activities for the physical pleasure. Sexuality has been given to us in order to show my appreciation and love for my partner. Reproduction and sexual gratification are of minor importance. This may sound too radical but the porn actor is in my eyes doing equally bad thing as for example one who wants the children but doesn’t really love one’s partner. the need to have sexual intercourse before marriage basically means that I want to test the partner if he can bring me enough sexual gratification.  This  virtually means that once someone more attractive comes I will exchange the old one for the new one . partnership should not be based on the quality of physical relationship. partnership is a choice. There will always be someone more intelligent,more sexually attractive ,more clever ,nice, you name it. The only thing eternal is my choice to stay with the partner temporal aspect notwithstanding.


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