The power of choice

We are getting more and more used to evil. It is very very easy to compromise with evil and be tolerant towards it. We see evil every day. People are thinking that little evil can do no harm. Opposite is the truth. What one perceives as good or evil is subjective point of view. nevertheless what I perceive as bad is something I should never compromise with. I cannot say with certainty that what I believe is wrong is indeed wrong. However we can debate about it and find out if what I believe is good or what I believe it bad really is. If it is and I still do it, then it is bad. What I believe is wrong should be always avoided. The change itself, the change of heart will not come from outside . it has to come from inside. Of course that I can use words in order to help people discover evil but I can never be sure that I know better than them about what is evil and what is good. Nevertheless by using words I can cause the change that comes from inside. In other words the outside influence can influence inside, but I must always be ready to accept that I can never be sure about other peoples perception of good and bad. I can never stop anybody from doing what he wants to do . I can try to use words to show him an alternative but I can never be sure that I am right about it. If someone wants to do something that I believe is wrong I am obliged to help him but I can never stop him from doing it. This is of course the dilemma of saving people with suicidal tendencies. Once someone understands consequences of one’s acts I cannot stop him from doing it. Another thing is of course people who are not capable of understanding consequences of their act eg schizophrenics or people with similar mental illnesses. In that case if I believe they are not capable of understanding their actions I can according to my conscience stop them from harming themselves or others.


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