Is education paramount to everything else ?

In today’s world we are frequently confronted with the importance of education. there is education in the sense of knowledge and education in the sense of ability of using knowledge to debate and find true.  when we see knowledge eg the ability to store knowledge in memory as characteristic trait which makes one human more valuable than other, we invariably exclude the others. we degrade those incapable of using their memory and those who were born not so intelligent. I think that quality of one’s life shouldn’t be measured by the quantity of stuff storef in one’s memory, simply because this is something which is given. The ability to store things in memory is largely inherited. Similarly with the level of intelligence. measuring people according to the level of their IQ is inherently bad. This approach virtually says that those with low IQ are not as good humans as those with high. It is basically the same as excluding black or anyhow inherently different people from society. quality of one’s life does not depend on what one is given eg born with but on how one makes use of gifts one was endowed. It is important to educate but it is even more important to occupy myself with what I believe is right. Anything one is interested in is good and it is not important how much one knows about the subject. if I am interested in history it is important to think critically about what I receive instead of just receiving more and more knowledge. Knowledge should not change us. we should use knowledge to do good. Everyone is substitutable. There will always be someone better than me in amount of knowledge,strength,beauty or anything else. True happiness lies in accepting that I am both unique and substitutable. I am unique if I do good independently on others,their appraisal. I am substitutable if I want to be the best because one can never be best.


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