people today think so much about what other people think about them. we need to learn to be more empathetic and natural in our communication. It is very difficult to deal with someone and think about every word I say. By saying things I do not mean that I should the rude to others if I’m not in the right mood but on the other hand it is better to be frank and honest with myself and with others and if I do not feel well I will not pretend that I do. It is is terribly important to understand that honesty and frankness are the most important and unique features of humans. Why should I worry about what I say if what I say is from my perspective true? If I am honest to myself and to others I do not need to worry about what I say because it is true. Of course it is important to know that we will never know the all pervasive, universal, objective truth. All we know and perceive is truth from our perspective. Never the less if we are true to ourselves and know that we are telling what we believe is true then we do not need to worry about what others think about it because if it is true, even though only from my perspective then it is the most valuable and in fact invaluable information I can give. It is so great a feeling to not worry about what I say. I believe that religion can help.if you believe in one good God, then he can help. Christianity tells us that there is nothing more then truth. truth is what my conscience tells me. if I am true to myself then then I can be sure that God is true to me . in this case I do not need to worry about what other think about what I say or think because God is with me and literary nothing else matters.


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