What is the purpose of lenten? In my view the purpose of fasting is both spiritual and physical. Fasting teaches us that bread eg food is not the only thing that keeps us alive. Physiological needs is not everything. Getting independent on physiological needs gets us closer to God . should we suffer when fasting? let’s look at it visa versa – if we survive some discomfort, for example of hunger then we can experience greater focus towards spiritual heights. Nevertheless we shouldn’t hurt our selves. One should listen to one’s body. For someone it may be sufficient to fast for a day, for a few days , a week or all 40 days. If someone drinks only water a few days is sufficient, if someone avoids alcohol or meat then 40 days may not be enough. it all depends on one’s conscience. The purpose of Lent is in my view to become more and more independent on earthly needs and focus on spiritual needs. One may or may not read gospel in order to get nearer to God, but it is much more important to except Jesus as my god. Jesus is God due acts, not words. Basically everything that Jesus says is known to us prior to reading Evangeline . He says that we should be good and follow our conscience. His exceptionality lies in the fact that he is perfect and all his deeds are perfect. If someone who is perfect sacrifices one’s life for mankind then it is a truthful act. I believe that even though we knew nothing about what Jesus said , then it would change nothing. He took our sins and that is his purpose. If he wanted us to know his words then he would have written some . even if someone knows nothing about Jesus, beeing good gets him to heaven.


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