Universality of conscience

Why some people believe it to be so difficult to be good. it is not difficult. in fact it is natural for people to be good and difficult and unnatural to be evil. I do not believe in behavioristic model. even the psychopaths who may not have emotions know that was they are doing is not good. everything that one does for one’s pleasure is not good. We do not need to have any prior knowledge or experience that hurting others is evil. it is natural to do good eg do not think about one’s pleasure but about doing good generally . we all know that we shouldn’t think just about our own pleasure and i do not need any further knowledge to stop thinking about just my own pleasure. People, psychologists, psychiatrists can think that psychopaths have no conscience but I believe it is untrue. They may not feel empathy towards their victims but solely the fact that they are hurting others eg doing something for themselves – their pleasure is evil. It is sufficient to stop thinking just about myself and I can be sure that I will never do any evil even though I have no prior experience that something is bad for me or for others.


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