Educating handicapped

I was in a discussion about whether handicapped people should be motivated to attain higher education or whether they should be left in the care of other people. My mother told me about a guy who reached secondary school and finished it but the school was very easy and the degree he got made him unable to ask for social care benefits. His parents tried very hard for him to complete the school but now are despondent because he still depends on them and he cannot claim any benefits because he got the degree. Now they think that they would have done better if they hadn’t taught him and rather let him get social care benefits. I do not think that this approach works. On one hand he still depends on his parents and they won’t be able to look after him for very long . it may happen that because of his degree he will end on the street because he cannot claim benefits. but is making life easier the best thing? I think that using his potential instead of just letting it be and go in vain is much better option . I think that life which is fulfilled and difficult is much more rewarding than life which is lived in pleasure and vain. It is also immoral, in my view, to claim money if one is capable and able to earn them.


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