what changes heart?

I believe in words, I believe in their power, I believe that word is what changes people. Through words we can reach a consensus about what is good and evil, about what is right and wrong. Jesus didn’t write anything, because words he said were already known to us. his uniqueness was in his deeds. what he did was perfect, but what we do is never perfect. we can only try to be better and better but can never be sure that what I do is the best thing that I can do. Only through words we can be sure that we know the truth. what Jesus said is not as important as what he did. what he says is already known to us, in other words, everything we need we already have when we are born. through words we can all agree that we all should try to be good, to do good instead of doing evil. On the other hand deeds are something which depends on one’s own individual conscience, we can never be sure about any act or deed of another person that it is good or evil. This depends on him or on her. those who try to judge other people’s deeds will be judged themselves. Every human activity can be done in two ways, good or evil. In the New Testament when woman touched Jesus with faith she was healed. If she didn’t have faith, she wouldn’t have been saved. Charity, the organization, is sometimes seen as something celestial. people that work there are sometimes seen s flawless because they work in this sphere. they have great responsibilities and they do not have much money . the truth is that working in the charity is nothing different from any other occupation. Politician or manager, occupations often considered to be selfish, if performed well are as good as any charity occupation. This is the reason why we cannot be judged what people should be or do. On the other hand people need to be reproached when not doing the right thing – only true love can I show my opinion about other people’s acts . it is my duty to tell someone that what he does is, in my view, bad or evil. If someone does a crime we won’t change him from outside – by a jail for example but only from inside, by changing his heart through our example or words. words are even more universal than deeds because as mentioned above deeds can be seen through many lenses. Any act may be seen as both merciful but also damaging. giving money to the homeless can both help him but also hurt him. only in words can one understand if it was intended to be good or evil.


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