I don’t like exhibitionism. I don’t like exhibitionists. when I see someone with a beard for example, the first thing that comes to my mind is that he has nothing better to attract with than his beard. same with piercings or tattoos. If someone wants to be admired for having a beard, a tattoo or piercing then it seems like exhibitionism. nothing that is easily acquired is admirable. On the other hand I shouldn’t be judgemental and should also consider the possibility that those people are not exhibitionist but really like their appearance. If one likes tattoos he can have it. I think there is a nice indicator – whether I want others to see it or not. If I am content with a tattoo and doesn’t need anybody to have a look at it, then I’m not an exhibitionist. If I do things which I like and believe are right then I don’t need to worry that I am I an exhibitionist and only seek attention which is in fact stupid.


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