Painkillers – is it good to make life and things easier? I sometimes think about euthanasia and about getting rid of pain. I’m not against using painkillers in principle but I think there should always be the conscientious choice about whether I really want and what is most important if I really need the pain killers because I cannot stand the pain. People who are suffering too much can require euthanasia but is this last choice really the best? In the end this all depends on individual conscience but I think that people should be warned against euthanasia because this last choice to make their life easier is what they will die with. I do not say that people should suffer but on the other hand there is no gain without pain. Everything that is valuable, that has some worth has to be fight for. in the end I do not fight for life I fight for death. Even that is paradoxically something which I must fight for and I believe that what is easily gained is not valuable. I think that people should have the right to euthanasia but should be very careful about it and should be helped to be released from pain which is insufferable but should be left with the opportunity to fight for their death even through pain.


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