Grudge against obese people
It is important not to hate those that may seem despicable,but even obese people may have an involuntary reason why they are obese. If someone is obese because lack of his control,then he does not deserve any reproach. Totally different is the case when someone is obese on purpose,because he consciously eats too much,then such a behaviour is despicable and immoral against his own body. It is important to see the factor of choice. Mentally handicapped people may not be capable of distinguishing between healthy and unhealthy food and thus cannot be resposible for eating unhealthy. On the other hand,when someone eats unhealthy because of his desire,then he is doing a bad thing. If i like eating then i have to control my desire. One may not be aware of consequences of his acts but refraing from anything that one does just for his good will show the right path. On the other hand people make mistakes. it is not good to bear resentment against these people even though they eat for their pleasure. We also have our faults which we know are bad and yet we don’t want to refrain from doing them.


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