30+ relationships

Why is that, that girls and women above 30 have problems finding partners? Some my female colleagues who are single involuntarily are about 30 years old and are without a partner for some years . it seems to me that if a woman does not find a steady relationship until she’s 25 then it is really problematic for her to find someone . in adolescence , when growing up, girls experience first relationships . these may or may not be serious but in most cases girls are affected by these relationships. if a girl split up with her boyfriend around 25 which is age when she has enough reason to know what she wants, then she is very selective. She knows that she wants someone who is really good , someone she would want to spend a lifetime with. On the other hand someone so perfect is a very rare case. Until she finds the little likelihood of finding someone so good she is 30 and then she is rather old. girl usually wants someone who is older than herself but finding a guy older than 30 is quite a difficult thing. If a man is not in a relationship when he is 30 then he might be considered weird. He either doesn’t want to have a partner or is not able to have one. By 30 most men are already in a steady relationship because they were chosen . the thing is that women choose men not vice versa . this means that man who is not chosen by a woman by 30 is weird. Today Society sees women who hasn’t chosen anybody by 30 as weird. It should be the other way round. If a woman does not choose anybody then she doesn’t want to choose anybody and she shouldn’t be viewed as strange or weird . on the other hand if a man is not chosen by the age of 30 he should be viewed as defective because no woman wants to choose him. There are of course some exceptions when man does not want to have a woman and a partnership but these are rare exceptions. The older woman is the harder for her to find a guy who would be older than herself in order to have more reason and to be someone she can look up to. If a girl is 30 she virtually has no choice but to hope to find younger guy who would be exceptionally wise, in order to compensate her needs to have an older guy. Today a guy who is Alone by the age of thirty is viewed as too selective but a girl who is 30 is viewed as weird because no one wants her. as I demonstrated about it should be viewed vice versa.


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