Buying happiness

I often wonder why people substitute other people’s achievements for their own. I have football fans on mind . substituting reality and real life and responsibilities for someone else’s is clearly not much beneficial for anyone’s life. It is natural for people to compensate fails in their lives for victorious in someone else’s life. Never the less what can this bring? Substituting someone else’s achievements for my own will never bring me contentment in my own life. it is something like alcohol stupor. It brings pleasure which lasts only for a while. I think that there is nothing wrong with watching football games but one should be conversant with the fact that no one will take responsibility for his own life.
Same case is when small or infirm people have big strong and dangerous dogs. I often see that someone who is clearly not strong or unconfident compensates this by some other device. dogs is one of them. Nevertheless what is easily gained will never make my confidence grow. The confidence in myself can only grow once I start working on it. Buying myself a tattoo to look terrifying will never be as effective as if I start working out. long-time activity which will increase my strength will only increase my confidence.
People today think that money can buy them what they don’t have. but money won’t buy happiness. Money can help me to acquire means which can bring me happiness, but this works only indirectly. I can buy dumbbells and start working out in order to look better and feel better and this can bring me pleasure and contentment. Money itself have only potential to bring happiness but only indirectly. Money itself cannot buy its holder any happiness.


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