Celebrities and their opinions

I saw an advertisement where a famous actor Kevin Spacey Drives a renault car and of course says that renault is the best brand one can have. I have nothing against making money by propagating a good thing but what strikes me as strange is the fact that a man from a totally different brand tells us what to buy and advises us in a sphere which he probably doesn’t understand as well as someone from the auto branch. This is a case very frequent today. Celebrities very often actors , singers or similar people from Show Business advise on things which they don’t understand. It is not reasonable to listen to their advice but the fact is that most people consider what celebrities say relevant. If someone talks about something which he doesn’t really believe and ,what is even more crucial, influences other people then such Behavior should the considered lying. The majority of people unfortunately believe what they are told by a famous person. It is so irrational to consider an actor talking about a car as relevant .why people listen to them? Fame is a very powerful Factor. I also wonder why are famous people asked about for them totally irrelevant issues. I saw a tv Forum where Sportsman or a singer were asked about migration crisis and their answers were totally stereotyping stereotyping. It is known that famous people’s opinions are taken seriously by the major public and yet TV companies let famous people influence the public even though their opinions are not erudite. Asking someone a question about something which he does not understand will inevitably lead to stereotyping answer which is influenced by public opinions, opinions from surrounding and the public is then influence by the famous person back and thus it’s all coming full circle.


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