Peer pressure

Today it is difficult for young people to say no to society which is too shallow and selfish and to say yes to morality. The peer pressure in today’s consumer Society is very strong. There are even cases of teenage suicides because someone didn’t fit or didn’t want to fit in a certain group. I can imagine how hard it is when someone does not want to do what the leader of the group says. it is very difficult do not smoke or drink or take drugs when all others do it. Young people are very likely to be influenced by what they see around them. this can be used but also misused. if young people didn’t see celebrities who are adored for their adultery, drinking escapades or other transgressions but were influenced by moral people , precepts and heroes then society would be much better. It is understandable that when everyone in the group goes to a pub then I also must go. On the other hand there is no trust in such a group. If I have no freedom then I cannot trust what is around me , I cannot trust people who try to influence me. I can discuss problems and debate with everybody but once I have no free choice then I should not trust . when someone tries to take Liberty from me then it is a bad sign. A trustworthy relationship is such that is maximally honest but gives maximum freedom – never says what I should or shouldn’t do.


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