Free choice vs. dogmatic rules

A saw a TV series Murdoch Mysteries – shipwreck. Detective was in a dilemma . A woman wanted to become a priest but Roman Catholic religion does not allow women to become priests. I am a roman Catholic but I don’t think that it is good to follow such conventions .it is not really sure that Jesus set that only men can be priests. I think it is good to get rid of such dogmatic conventions. In the end everything depends on individual conscience. If a woman wanted to be but a priest then maybe it was better to let her be one .It is always better to follow one’s conscience then follow prescribed dogmatic rules .there is not one truth and if someone believes that some prescribed thing is true and tries to impose it on others then one takes the Liberty from them. Liberty and freedom is what God praises most in us. he wants us to make a free choice to be good. only God knows the truth . if someone wants to make choice in my Stead then it is not a free Choice anymore.


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