Concerning dogma generally, but basically aiming at religious dogmas, I would like to theoretize a little bit about their consequences – pros and cons. Is it good to be the one to obey laws or the one who creates them? Don´t be the one who obeys laws that are against God´s principle,be the one who creates such, that fulfill God´s will. It is not about creating dogmas,but showing people an alternative for them. One dogma that comes to my mind is that one should not kill anybody, not even it if saves other peoples lifes. Another dogma is that one should not think about his/hers life, but primarily about the goodness that his action brings to the world. It is not about anything else but goodness. Not even life is as important as good actions. One should not do evil, in order to bring a greater good. One should not steal in order to dedícate the money to the charity because the consequences of one´s actions can see only God, I cannot see the future. I can only act right now, in this moment and not think about future. God wants us to be free, we have a free will and choice to shun evil, not because a priest or a dogma tells me,but because I want, and I should want to use my freedom to do good. Doing good does not depend on knowledge or experience, although I may have a bad experience doing something, it may be the right thing to do-beautiful in the eyes of God, my experiences and knowledge notwithstanding. One never knows what´s right and thus should follow his conscience,not anybody elses. It is good to be inspired by others, but it is inevitable to decide on myown,otherwise we are like animals who follow the group leader or base instincts. What consequences my actions shall bring is never known to me and thus I can decide only according to my conscience, not depending on my past experiences, which may be good or bad. What comes out of the heart is the only truth – God within us. Truth is not to be found, but is revealed every minute and will never be fully revealed and thus it is important to critically think about anything and everything that I encounter and not taky anything that comes to my life as a dogma or an absolute truth.


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