Some insights about morality

What is one´s identity in the world? If someone gets a degree, he is contributing to the fact that people are made norms as Michael Foucoult says. To be a failure means to oppose the system. To not have a degree is a rebellion against society and its norms. On the other hand one may have a degree in order to fight against the society and the establishemnt which is generally misleading and normative. Today´s society it seems to me exists in a paradigm of thinging x thinking. To live a pleasurable life or to live a good life – in which one also does mistakes but at least does not want to do them again. If smone lives a pleasurable life, only egoistical life, then such life is really unhappy. When I was in a clothes shop I saw an inscription on a t-shirt: Sleep,eat,selfie,repeat. I also heard someone saying: I usually wear it three times and then I do not like it anymore. Today we have a great dilemma between Consumerism and ascetism. This dilemma is of course not toppical for everybody. People who are satisfied with their cosumerical lifes do not feel such an urge with thinging x thinking, but nevertheless I believe that everyone has conscience that tells him that pleasure is not the highest principle in life, goodness is. The problem is with deciding concretely what goodness is. For example when someone wants help but I do not have a time, it is not good to leave him on his own because when someone says that he does not have time, it is not usually the reality but a need to show egoistically that somone depends on me. Instead of living a full live that i want i hide behind outer factors that presumably but falsely will not let me use my full potential. Instead of doing what I want, I want people to depend on me, so that I do not have time-but I do not want to have the time because it would make me confront with my solitude. Truth is that i am afraid to fulfill my life and because of my fear i hide behind excuses that I do not have the time to do what I want. Once I would have the time, I would be confronted with the bitter and sad truth that I am in fact fearful to fulfill it meaningfully. Another instance of goodness very toppical today is euthanasia. Is it good to helpe someone with a suicide if he want me to do it? Is not it a murder on my part although that the pacient wants me basically to do it, to murder him if he is not capable of doing it (for example when it is not possible for him to push a button with the lethal injection)? Imagine a famous moral dilemma when someone is stuck in between of two rocks at the entrance to a water abbys and cannot move and also hinders other people to leave the cave. The cave shall soon be flood with water and they will all dies. Is it good to kill the person in the entrance or rather that all people should die of drowning? If the person which is stuck does not want to die then noone should touch her, on the other hand if the person egoistically want to survive the death of other people notwithstanding, then they should conclude to a conclusion that such a behaviour is sinful. One cannot measure the value of ones life (who is valuable – a beggar or president?). On the other hand, through conscience I believe that such a person would rather die than let all other people die.


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