Is better hedonism (thinging) or ascetism (thinking)?

How can I recognize God´s call? I do not think that it is predetermined what one should be – whether a priest, a husband or anything else. It is up to us what we are, what we choose to be. God only wants from us to be free in our choice to be good. If he wanted to, he would guide is through everything, but he gave us freedom to trust in him. That is all he want. I only have to believe from my own free will that he will guide me, and he will. Once I make the choide, I should stand by it. If I split up with my girlfriend I should stand by my choice, not because I say egoistically that I can live without her, but because choice is the only think we have in this life. Of course, choices may change. I should not say to myself, that I do not want her and that I will stay by my decision my love to her notwithstanding. When I see that I still love her, I should be opened to reevaluation of my choice. Choice is never absolute, because future is unforseenable, but I should always stand by my present-time choice, which should always aim to please God. Future should be left up to him. It is basically about not doing what is pleasureable for body. For example masturbation may be pleasurable but definitely is not good, although many people would say, and even empirical research may suggest, that it is good to masturbate (for example to get rid of stress or agression). From a long-term perspective this is a detrimental view. God is not empirically proven. Murder can be empirically seen to be evil, because it hurts others, but some things are evil although they do not hurt anybody. For example, I persisted voluntary in seeing a nice woman with a lustful images in my head. I knew its evil and yet I did it. Once one does not refrain from such thoughts he sins. The thought itself is natural but indulging in it becomes sinful.Other think was that I watched myself in the mirror thinking how good and muscular I look and what I should wear so that others see it. Sin again, it is so stupid and ridiculous behaviour. Is better hedonism (thinging) or ascetism (thinking)? We have so little time and it is definitely better to use the little time we have not for a bodily pleasure but for Jesus´s cross. It may seem paradoxical but it is better to choose difficulty of spiritual life, than easiness and pleasure of a secular world. Once I know about something that it is wrong, I cannot linger on doing it. Conscious evil is the only evil we can do. What angers you is usually good, because once something makes you angry, you are confronted with your weakness instead of becoming a better person via not becoming angry but rather coping with my anger. When I talk about God and a spiritual way of life, people tell me that there is not God. But what if there is, what if what I say is really true, because, once you look into your conscience you know it is. It is not from my head, this is a universal Jesus´s school of love. If there is not God, it is still reasonable to do good, because good is the only think that makes us happy. Love and then do anything you want as St. Augustine said. What if what you do is wrong-just try to acknowledge it potentially and hypothetically-would you be willing to refrain from doing it? If not, then you did not acknowledge it and still live in your egoistical viewing of world. This is very often the case, unwillingness to at least acknowledge that what I hold as good (for example sex prior to marriage, masturbation etc) may not be good at all.


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