Avoid feeling better than others

I was making myself better then others when exhorting about the evil of anticonception in front of my cousin who i know takes it Even though I should love all people. I egotistically sometimes cannot refrain from feeling better than them. I wanted to show that i am better than she because I do not support anticonception. I have a tendency to hate those who think that modern things like anticonception are inventions that help people. I know that I should hate such evil inventions and love the people but I still have a problem with it. I cannot stand their primitive belief that making things easier is good for humans. I know that I am not God and that I do know for sure that anti conception is evil although everything suggests that it is. I know that I should hate despicable Behavior but love the people who behave despicably. It is so difficult for me to love them in their stupidity. When I say to them that their behavior is evil I should always say it with implicit doubt that I may not be right. On the other hand words are absolute in the way that they show us abstractly what is good and what is evil evil. concretely, about concrete people and situations, we can never be sure: those depends on individual conscience. In the abstract level of words everyone with clear and honest conscience must agree that anti conception is an evil invention . we even do not need any medical empirical knowledge that it damages women’s bodies to know that it is evil. Words are enough to reach a consensus about what is good and what is evil . We know that anti conception is pleasurable and makes many things easier but when one reaches ones heart he knows that this approach is an evil one.


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