Fasting is not about displeasure because pleasure, which is being with God, is more pleasurable then bodily pleasure. When I fast I feel really good. Although first day I am hungry I know that fasting for Spiritual reasons is very good for me. Hunger is overcome and peace comes to my mind. I know that Jesus is with me . I know that via fasting I’m getting closer to God. Through doing something I do not like but know that is good I feel God’s presence much more intensely. In the end it is all about individual conscience. It’s not about doing something that hurts me and about thinking now God Must Love Me. it is just the opposite. Loving my pain and knowing that the pain is worth going through. God does not want us to hurt our bodies , on the other hand he wants us to purify our souls and bodies as well . fasting or sexual abstinence can be seen as painful but Is merely displeasurable, does not hurt our bodies. On the other hand- such displeasure purifies our bodies and our souls.


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