Implicit willingness to help

I read in gospel that a woman touched Jesus and was healed moral of the story is this: let us be implicitly open to help other people our opinion about them notwithstanding .Jesus was open to help anybody who needed help and believed. It was not Jesus’s choice to heal that woman. his choice was done much sooner when he said to himself that would help anybody who wanted to be helped. Same should be with us. We should be open to help other people not after we see them, judge them and evaluate them but implicitly even before they ask us. Jesus didn’t know that woman and didn’t intend it to help just that particular woman. He basically did not intended to help her but anybody who wanted to be healthy. He did not make a difference between people. he was open to help anybody and anybody could touch him and be healed. Jesus didn’t need to know that woman in order to help her. We also should not make a difference about helping others .it is natural for us to help those who may in future help us but such behavior is calculating and opportunistic. Jesus also didn’t need to know whom he helped. He basically helped the woman even before she asked him to, this approach should be adapted by everybody. Let us learn to help even though we got nothing in return .


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