my/God’s choice

Stand by your choice,not egoistically,but to overcome bodily needs. When for example a pair splits up then they both should stand by their own choices and remain separated. This should not be done with a dogmatic View . if the couple should be together again then via listening to God’s voice they will be. on the other hand to return to a former partner is a challenge because I know his or hers characteristics that may irritate me. Even if I know those I should be willing to obey God’s call if we are to be together. Even if I know that my partner has a serious illness for example then this should not be taken into consideration when thinking about a relationship with her. It would be very evil to calculate with pluses and minuses with pros and cons of my partner. We need both-physical nearness-to become one flesh and spiritual-to have one soul. If these two requirements are met then nothing else matters .


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