can killing be justified?

Is attentat on heydrich justifiable? I cannot foresee the future which means I can’t decide whether he will be still evil or not. On the other hand because of my inability to see the future I can believe in either his evilish nature for ever (reification of evil) or his goodness(potential) and in that case I can just as well kill him if I believe someone to be always evil. I can never be sure that he is a true essence of evil. on the other hand it is very unlikely that someone is pure evil or that someone is pure good. I cannot decide that someone is pure evil but I may kill him in trying to save others or protect others, in other words i may kill him indirectly not by killing him intentionally for example in a Fight to protect someone from him. I may shoot someone not in order to kill him but in order to eliminate him for higher good. Even if soldiers killed someone intentionally it should not be done in order to kill him but in order to do good. Everyone has a conscience. Even Psychopaths have conscience. Doing evil is a choice not inherent quality. If I kill someone very evil,it should always be done in order to do good in the present moment,for example to save life of innocent people(eliminating a terrorist who intends to kill hostages) not with the opinion that the man can never change to become good in thr future. What if the terrorists changes his mind and becomes what? I cannot foresee this option I can only experience present moment not future. In such a case if the terrorist is willing to kill the hostage then he may be eliminated, not necessarily to kill him but kill him if necessary to save others if he makes an evil choice to kill them


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