Answers for questions

Do we really need answers for our questions? Or do we need to be led by God? I like going to churches and being there in silence .I sit there, kneel down and just let Lords power resonate through me . I used to come there for answer to my questions . the older I am the more i think that God will not give us answers, God gives us his Blessing to anything and everything we do if we do it with a clear conscience. I do not think that he wants us to be husband, monks or anything else but he wants us to be what we want us to be because freedom is the most precious thing God gave us and what is most precious in His and our eyes. Freedom is to be used for doing good things . to know what is good we have to listen to our heart and also manifest it in our lives and deeds. Thanks to words we can all agree about what is good and evil because this does not depend on experience .words that are used for descriptive means are not absolute words as words used for prescriptive means are. For things that stem from experience we should not use words( unless for communicative imperfect reasons) but here we need to act. When I know from experience that This Brick is best for my house then I do not need words but acts:to build the house from this bricks. what does not depend on experience can be absolutely consensually agreed on. Disagreeing with prescriptive moral way of life transmitted by an honest expression of words is impossible . disagreeing with what is good in God’s eyes is not an opinion,it is an egotistical need for uniqueness. Noone is unique and everyone is unique. Our only uniqueness is in giving ourselves to God


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