Social sites communication

I am thinking how written communication influences what we think about the sender . in face-to-face communication we receive paralinguistic features as for example gestures,voice, movements, facial expressions. seeing written text by hand we also thanks to graphology can experience something of sender’s authenticity. On the other hand in for example Facebook communication there is zero of one’s authentic personality and the person- receiver gets absolutely no clue about what he or she is like. we are talking here about explicit and implicit communication . explicit being words and implicit being acts and choices. In Real communication we see how the person Acts-implicit communication and also explicit communication . in Facebook communication we also have explicit communication but this explicit communication is devoid of any authentic features of the sender. There is not one proof that the words someone behind the computer writes are really his own .when talking with someone through a telephone i can recognize his voice and know that what he says is really his own words. When reading someone’s letter i recognize his handwriting but in Facebook communication one knows basically nothing about the person unless you know the person very well prior to your Facebook communication. getting to know new people on Facebook is very very dangerous . If someone you know says I I love you then you can hear it even through Facebook. On the other hand the same words received through Facebook by an unknown person are unbelievable. In a face-to-face communication it would be more believable even though the person would be unknown to me because through paralinguistic features I can decipher his or her real intentions .


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