We sin only when we want to

that which comes from the outside is neither good nor evil.if is it shall be good or evil is up to us. We cannot judge truthfully that something beyond our selves is good or evil ,we can only judge ourselves ourselves. what we do with things that come from the outside is up to us – those things are not good or evil but we make them good or evil evil. this can be judged truthfully and objectively because it is our choice. We can never judge someone else’s choice. This can be applied to anything and everything, situations thoughts that come to our minds. the things that we may consider evil may not be evil , evil ideas that come either from outside or inside happen to be sinful once we willingly let them to our heart. Evil ideas that we have are not sinful ,they come from outside or from the inside – this is irrelevant . only when we keep them in our hearts they become sins,or if we do the choice to not let those ideas dwell in our selfs, then we do good


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