Good versus pleasurable

a former Czech cardinal Spidlik says in Soul of a Pilgrim that he was not interested in sexuality,but even if a priest is interested in sexuality it does not mean that he should not be a priest. Maybe it is just the reason to be a priest. The more I am interested in something the more I have to be careful that it does not start controlling me. the more you want something the more you have to be careful so that it does not become your Idol.wanting anything is very dangerous thing to do. It is natural even for people living voluntarily in celibacy to be interested in sexuality in order to be able to control their sexuality. if I do the choice to be a priest or am living in a marriage then ideas about sex are natural for both categories . to indulge in such ideas is sinful but not the ideas themselves. If I want something very much then refraining from having it may be glorious in God’s eyes. On the other hand we have to be very careful about such Notions. if someone wants to be in a marriage very much there is no reason to a priest . it is all about my conscience and things that I do not do for own my pleasure but for doing good. If I believe that I should be a priest but also a husband then I must make a choice and decide which option is better in terms of goodness and which is more pleasurable in terms of bodily needs. Usually the more difficult choice is the better and right one because things that are not difficult have usually no value.


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