Idolatry of selfie

Nietzsche in Gotzen Dammerung (twilight of Idols) says that :sehr menschlich-allzumenschlichen Schönheit…. Im Grunde spiegelt sich der Mensch in den Dingen, er hält Alles für schön, was ihm sein Bild zurückwirft: das Urtheil “schön” ist seine Gattungs-Eitelkeit…. To paraphrase and Translate he says that people consider beautiful such things that resemble themselves, for example mirrors or we can extend it to selfie. I was in a shop and saw a t-shirt there with an inscription eat,sleep,selfie, Repeat . I imagine someone living a cycle like this and realized that this may be the case of many people and sometimes ,metaphorically and not so metaphorically including myself . Selfie is an image of ourselves or more precisely an image of how we want others to perceive us. true image of ourselves is objective only for ourselves. The need to have a persona -that’s a mask, as Freud says is natural but we should not indulge in it. Having a mask on all the time refrains us from being ourselves . the more we we are the better for us. I don’t think that pretending to be someone else, or to be likeable for others has ever brought happiness to anybody. Nietzsche warns from doing Idols of ourselves. Although he tries to create a superhuman we may consider his remark not so radical and rather than making some humans super let us make all people equal because if we destroy the idols We Carry in our selves we all may all be superhumans and none has to be the Superhuman which would be basically an idol again because seeing myself better than others is ontologically a faulty view.


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