Esteem for all people

I think it is essentially important in social care that social care workers take as seriously their clients as possible. It is fundamental to consider their needs as relevant as possible, although their problems May seem trifling for us . It is not about letting myself be embarrassed by doing things for them but on the other hand to see my help for them as helping myself. Once I see that the client is becoming a problem which needs to be solved I should be considering a burnt-out syndrome .the clients are not problems which need Solutions. Not taking those under me seriously,as well as anybody,but those sobordinate to me is even greater sin. Let us face it – how often it happens to us that we don’t have time for those below us but want those above us to have time for us. If we do not have time for those below us then logically those above us won’t have time for us because we are below them be it in the rank, position or anything.


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